dance in flames.

cherry valla. EST.

burning, she, in her radiant inflorescence, eclipses the resplendent light of the sun. she is a raging wildfire, an untamed tempest ravaging across land and sea with naught but fury and rage and passion running hot in her veins. she is the blood of the furies, the cut of wind sharp against skin, the sting of singing steel pressing down into flesh.

there is comfort in the violence, in the spray of blood fresh upon the softness of her cheek, in the searing pain of a fresh wound, because the fight is all she has ever known. she is a warrior, a soldier, until the bitter end. and though these paths may remain treacherous and filled with the haunts of souls long since lost, she yet remains, vicious, vengeful, filled with rage and spite.

guidelines & ooc.

ooc info.

you can just call me cherry ooc. if we're already friends and you know my name ooc, cool. call me whatever!25. she / her. indigenous japanese (okinawan) + thai. i design carrds, make poses, and sometimes i roleplay.i run gposes studios as well! if you visit them, use #CASSIASLAIR on twitter so i can see your screenies!


discord. i do not share my discord unless we're good friends, because i'm easily socially overwhelmed. please don't ask me for general i'm a pretty private person, but i do try to be friendly and sociable. you can find me on twitter, though, if you're interested in shitposts.


by nature of cherry's character, i prefer all my writing partners to be 18+, even if we are not writing NSFW content.  if my RP tag is on,  then WU/t are okay. if my tag isn't on, please just let me vibe! i might also just be afk. i also do not share my mare code if we just met. my mare is for friends only. please don't ask me for it. i do not give it to strangers.please note: cherry is my warrior of light, but she and her lore has been adapted to function in-game for ease of interactions. however, if you did want to interact with a wol-version of her, please just let me know. i'm always open to it. i default to her being a scion mercenary contract and ally. as a side note, her lore loosely follows that of her canon counterpart, but has been lightly adjusted to negate her canon wol-ness, and the lore section will make no mention of it, and i will refer to her only as their ally.


please keep IC & OOC separate. nothing makes me more uncomfortable than this. don't bring IRL into RP. i don't want things to get personal. i am not my character. do not treat me OOC as if i am cherry. do not flirt with me. do not come onto me. i will block you in an instant if you try to pressure me or my character. cherry doesn't want relationships romantically, and neither do i. please respect that. please make it obvious when you're breaking character.i get uncomfortable very quickly and very easily and i am liberal with blocking and blacklisting people. if you find that you are suddenly unable to contact me, whether in or out of game, do not go out of your way to try to contact me or ask me why. there's probably a reason. just leave me alone, and please respect my boundaries.


don't ask to ship. i'm not here to write romance, cherry isn't interested. if things happen naturally, sure, but don't force it. a similar vein, i'm multi-ship, if things happen. NO RELATIONSHIPS OVERLAP. they are all in separate verses. cherry also will not be joining anyone's poly relationships, sorry! she just emotionally cannot handle it.


i prefer SFW RP. if you approach me looking solely for ERP and nothing else, i charge an upfront fee. if my RP tag is on, you may ask about ERP services. if it's not, please just let me vibe. do not ask about it without my tag on, i will not even acknowledge you. i prefer IC establishment prior to ERP, but otherwise, please just explicitly ask me for escort services if ERP is all you want.


i currently work at Playboy Mansion (saturdays from 10 pm - 2 am EST), & i am the entertainer manager / graphic designer at Prophet Lounge. i was previously the media manager at Underworld, and i have also worked at the Velvet Lounge in the past, so if you recognize me, it may be from those venues!i'm the graphic designer at Ars Goetia as well, & Repose Nightclub. if you really want to ERP, please just try to approach me during venue hours! but i love all other kinds of RP and you're free to approach me as long as my tag is on. here is my f-list. if you don't see something listed, please ask!


cherry isn't a warm or inviting person. she might come off as flirtatious, but she's literally faking it. she's not actually flirting. she's not a people person. she's honestly a bitch.your character can be offended, but please don't take it personally OOC! she's abrasive and hard to get along with and only puts on a front when working at clubs, but outside of that, she doesn't care.cherry is violent. if you make unwanted advances or provoke her, she will retaliate and likely hurt your character. you've been warned.


i am a gposer and graphic designer on the side! i designed this carrd layout myself! it's actually for sale on my ko-fi if you like this layout! if you're interested in the things that i do, check out the link to my graphic design services carrd!sometimes i do gpose comms (for gil only), but i am not currently offering those due to how busy i am!i also have poses and a pack of reshade presets up on my ko-fi as well if you're interested!


I DO NOT, WILL NOT, ERP WITH LALAS. they literally look, act like, and sound like toddlers. no. NO. absolutely NEVER. i'm SUPER picky with roe men (due to personal reasons + bad experiences lol you can thank all the womb fuckers for that).i'll say this here but please do not touch or go past cherry's cervix in ERP. ick. ICK. OUCH. no. NO. please stop. i will literally just walk out, log out, end the scene. no. ANYWAYS, cherry and i are also picky with miqo men. she likes dominance but not in the annoying "i own you" way lol. dom her, but you can't own her. she's not yours. she'll leave and so will i. if you even mention collaring or leashing her i'm just going to leave.

rp services.

   i work as a club escort    at playboy mansion on saturdays from 10 pm-2 am EST. i really don't like to ERP outside of venue hours, especially due to how little free time i have. if you're really interested, please see me at PBM. if you join the discord, we do pre-bookings. i do not offer RP services of any kind outside of venue hours. please don't ask. i can do content runs or crafting services, but that's it. again, if you'd like to RP with me, please see me at the venue.

  • erp. 350k per 30 minutes, 700k per hour.

  • private (sfw only) dance. 250k per 30 minutes, 500k per hour.

  • content runs. 350k per 30 minutes, 700k per hour (can include roulettes, savages, extremes, etc.)


i'm a pentamelded omnicrafter, with my stones being in culinarian, alchemist, and the 3rd on rotation (usually on BSM). i'll ask for the lowest HQ price on your server, excluding MB fees. if you provide me with mats (scrip & tome), i'll discount you another 15% of your server's lowest listing price. for primal weaps, you get 20% off IF you provide me with the mats.disclaimer. crafting is not currently a high priority of mine, due to being busy with college, my job, savage raiding, as well as commission work, so i may decline any large bulk are free to question me about this, however, if you see me just AFK somewhere, although i'm usually tabbed out doing something else if i'm AFK. regardless!

is this your time of need?

you're turning to the light; you had just begun to explore the dark, in the urban night.

the world is on fire, & you are here to stay & burn with me.

  name.    cherry valla.
  age.    physically in mid-20s, slightly older (early 30s, she doesn't quite know).
  race.    viera, mixed veena & rava (veena on her mother's side, rava on her father's). cherry is meant to be thai-norwegian coded.
  birthday / nameday     25th sun of the 6th astral moon / november 24.
  astrological sign / guarding deity.     sagittarius / azeyma.
  gender.     cis female.
  pronouns.     she / her.
  sexuality.     bisexual with a preference for men, demiromantic. she's not interested in dating or romance, so please don't try it.
  voice claim.     alaina huffman.

  height.     5'10.5" | 179 cm..
  weight.     176 lbs | 79.8 kg.
  hair color.     bright wine-red, a deeply rich burgundy, with sunburnt orange highlights and at her ear tips.
  eye color.     she has heterochromia, with her left eye being a light sea green, and her right being a faint periwinkle.
  skin tone.     sun-kissed and warm, light tan.
  notable features.     she has a beauty mark beneath her left eye, and scars hidden across her body, some faint, some larger and deeper.

  job occupation.    from ARR to HW, she was an archer (please note: strictly an archer, never a bard). in HW, she took upon the art of being a DNC, using it as a melee + ranged hybrid.
  place of origin.     the skatay range in othard.
  home.    cherry keeps an apartment in ishgard, but roams across the world and never stays put for long.
  affiliation.     cherry's affiliation will very based on verse, but typically it's to the scions, for general verse stuff.
  family.     deceased. she lost her parents and siblings, a younger brother and younger sister, to the hungering, ravenous maws of war as it rampaged across her homeland of othard, within the skatay range, during a garlean invasion.
  marital status.     single & heavily uninterested.

  d&d alignment.     chaotic neutral.
  mbti.     ISFP.
  likes.     fighting. biting. sweets (especially cheesecake). spiced whiskey & rum. spicy foods. a nice grilled steak. shiny weapons. big swords.
  dislikes.     obnoxious people. people who can't take a hint. clingy people. people. people who can't throw a punch. mouthbreathers. people who chew loudly. people touching her. people addressing her without being addressed first. any of these things might get you punched in the face, ngl.

  personality.     quick temper (will snap in an instant), recklessness, curt brashness, and outward coldness. she often teases friends & isn't above teasing strangers. brushes everything off with attitude, mean jokes, masks things with dark humor & sarcasm, & keeps everyone at arms length as a defense mechanism.she's not openly affectionate, even with friends or loved ones. she acts indifferent / mean, but deep down she's kind, thoughtful, & expresses thoughtfulness in small actions, not verbally or in grand gestures. she's playful, teasing, bitchy, but not cruel. quick to start fights. has a terrifying resting bitch face. cherry can be nice, but she's not really friendly. at all. she's flirtatious, but it's not to be taken seriously; she just likes to get under people's skin. she is, at her core however, a deeply empathetic, kind, and caring person, but she doesn't like to show it outwardly. not because she necessarily views that itself as a weakness, but she finds vulnerability to be a weakness that can be weaponized against her, and she doesn't want harm to come to those she cares about.cherry, quite frankly, really enjoys being on the battlefield because she really loves that rush of adrenaline. she enjoys fighting more than anything. she was an archer, now a dancer, but she is pretty decent with hand - to - hand combat. usually, running around a city or something, if she’s just hanging out at a tavern or something, she probably set her bow/chakrams down and is just relaxing, but if something came up she can be quick to throw a fist.cherry doesn’t like to be idle for too long, otherwise she’ll start to get antsy and bored and honestly a little bit sad if her mind starts to wander, she still enjoys having a chance to actually relax. she's something of a vagabond at heart, with a touch of ADHD. she cannot sit still in once place for long, and moves from place to place in search of the next job or task.

  a deeper dive.     cherry suffers from borderline personality disorder, severe PTSD, chronic major depression, and ADHD. symptoms from this cocktail often manifest in her impulsivity, sudden — and occasionally explosive or violent — mood swings, hot temper, lack of self-preservation, thrill-seeking, risk-taking, reclusiveness, and vanity juxtaposed with severe plummets to her self-worth.  surface level flaws.     aggressive, adrenaline junkie, audacious, blunt, competitive, cynical, depressed, foul mouthed, guilt complex, impatient, moody, nosy, overprotective, pessimist, proud, reactive, reckless, self destructive, stubborn, temperamental, vain, withdrawn.  subtle flaws     arrogant, callous, evasive, fickle, gluttonous, grudge holding, insensitive, masochistic, melodramatic, petty, possessive, reclusive, shallow, skeptical, tactless.  virtues.     extremely intelligent, strategic in battle, observant, undyingly loyal to her friends and loved ones but also the cause she fights for, kind, compassionate, brave, honest, innovative, thoughtful (though she might show it differently), reliable, empathetic, a leader, can take charge when things get difficult, independent, trustworthy, perceptive, adventurous, courageous, attentive to a point, ambitious, resourceful, helpful.

a funeral pyre, & we are here to revel forevermore.

headcanon one. cherry is banned from the gold saucer in any timeline you interact with. she got pissed off once about how a game was rigged, that she got conned out of her MGP, went behind the counter and stole prizes, almost set the place on fire, and made a run for it.
headcanon two. cherry cannot cook to save her life. she is a proud and revered huntress back home, and can track prey (person OR beast) for malms and malms, but ask her to butcher and filet one of the beasts she catches and then cook it, that's a tall order, and it's not happening. not unless you want to die.
headcanon three. cherry is a talented singer, and used to love singing in her village. now, it brings up bitter memories of the past, so she does not sing anymore, especially in front of others. spotify playlist of a blend of artists who'd be her voice claim. in an alternate and modernized universe, cherry would absolute be a goth rock artist.

headcanon four. cherry is absolutely unhinged. there is nothing she adores more than the heat of battle and being right in the middle of it. she's something of an adrenaline junkie, and chases danger and the thrills that come out of it. she doesn't enjoy a fight unless she knows her opponent is fighting back, and fighting with their life. when cherry is in a bad way mental health-wise, she often goes out of her way to seek out dangerous jobs or situations, and it's absolutely an elaborate form of self harm because of the lack of self preservation.
headcanon five. in a similar vein, cherry does not always fight fairly, though it's not something she actively thinks about or considers "unfair." it's more so that, while she does fight in a way that is fluid and elegant, it's without form in the sense that she doesn't follow traditional methods of how her class is generally trained to fight. if she sees an opening to take an advantage, she will.
headcanon six. cherry is that strange blend of being seemingly outgoing because of her loud, explosive, larger-than-life personality, but the truth is, she's quite reserved. she's an expert at talking to people in circles to where they think they're learning anything of substance about her, but she's revealed nothing at all. she's loud because she's hot-tempered and her emotions control her, but she's actually not sociable or talkative at all. oddly enough, to the surprise of others at least, she's deeply empathetic and kind, and she doesn't show it in traditional ways. like, at all. might throw a gift in your face, or just beat someone up for you, and then say nothing about it.

headcanon seven. cherry is incredibly vain, which is another odd combination and quite a juxtaposition to her personality as a whole, considering she doesn't have any sense of self-preservation, nor any care to what people think about her. she doesn't care about other people's opinions, but she takes care of her own appearance for her own vanity. she loves getting into brawls and if she comes out looking like a mess and covered in blood, she's still going to look good. that's a good aesthetic, anyways.
headcanon eight. as a tangent to the above, while she is vain, feeding her vanity will get you nowhere. she doesn't care for compliments, and complimenting her does nothing to stroke her ego or arrogance. she already knows, and if she sees that you're trying to flatter her to get something out of her or if you think you're trying to smooth talk her to sneak something past her, it'll just piss her off, and you might get a fist to the face.
headcanon nine. don't even try hitting on her. nothing repulses her more than someone genuinely trying to pull a move on her, because she's not interested, never will be interested, might spit in your face and put you in a head lock before body slamming you. she doesn't have time for that shit.

headcanon ten. cherry is extremely resistant to most extreme temperatures, even the heat. she was born and raised in the skatay range, so she is used to colder temperatures, and thrives in places like ishgard. but upon coming to eorzea and acclimating to its climate, especially that of thanalan and certain places in la noscea, she's come to adjust. it's also just in her blood. she also doesn't dress in layers or long sleeves, typically, even in the cold.
headcanon eleven. she isn't naturally flirtatious or anything, but boy, does she have those deadly half-lidded bedroom eyes + resting bitch face. if she's ever nice to you, you're in trouble. she'll pretend to flirt to get what she wants, if she needs to, and she'll only do this if she thinks you're stupid enough to fall for it. and then maybe punch you. sucker.
headcanon twelve. cherry used to raise hell for the monetarist merchants in ul'dah, prior to becoming acquainted with the scions. she'd steal their wares, their gil, and gift them back to the lesser-off merchants simply trying to get by. that being said, you're not going to get along with her if you're a posh bastard. she might just rob you. she's got quick hands and a pretty face. good luck.

ability one. cherry's aether is aspected to fire, and she'll often use her aether in small charges to imbue her attacks with a touch of fire, especially when she is fighting in close-range combat. she will imbue her weapons themselves with traces of her aether so that the blades are hot enough to cut through a limb and cauterize the ends. most of the time, however, she'll just do enough to leave severe burns with each blow.
ability two. with ranged attacks, she does something similar. she will imbue her aether into her weapons before she throws them out, and they fly in a fireball, almost, and explode on contact.
ability three. her standard and technical steps always come with an explosion of flames in a large vicinity, save for a small ring around her.

ability four. because of her proficiency in aether manipulation, she can conjure enough fire magic to use minor spells, but certainly not even close to the degree as a true mage could, as she lacks the training. though, if she decided to learn magicks, she'd likely succeed. but alas, she cannot sit still.
ability five. cherry, as a viera, has extremely heightened senses. especially with all the jobs she constantly takes, she is always training and keeping herself sharpened and on edge so that nothing slips. if there's a bounty on your head, she'll get you.
ability six. cherry is extremely flexible and agile, due to her fighting style. she moves with graceful fluidity, and is quite slippery and evasive. she enjoys close-combat for this reason, and it keeps her arrogant, quite frankly.

you're so goddamn frail, failing for a change.

aether & magic.

  • aspect of aether. aspected to fire.

  • aether manipulation. cherry is quite proficient at manipulating her aether and channeling it into imbued attacks.

  • magical prowess. she can utilize magic, but her proficiency where magic is specifically concerned is not the greatest — she is no mage, nor trained healer, but has dabbled briefly in conjury.

DNC abilities require some proficiency to manipulate aether, especially as you're sharing your own to empower comrades around you. to that vein, cherry is a master of her job & regarded as one of the best & deadliest, & is skillful manipulating her own aether, especially in imbuing her attacks with fire-aspected aether for charged attacks that burn, scorch, & scald.

physical combat.

  • special weapons. cherry wields chakrams, her favored ones being similar in appearance to the twin moons, but made with black steel, silver engravings, and blood-red sashes.

  • special items. cherry used to specialize in coating arrow, heads & shaft, with poisons, back when she was an archer. when she does pick up a bow & arrow on occasion, she'll still do this & keeps homemade poisons around from plants she's gathered.

  • fighting style. cherry prefers to be in the midst of combat, amidst the singing steel & blood, so she doesn't favor her ranged ability, although she is an excellent markswoman. she's just unhinged & uses DNC as though she's a freestyling samurai or reaper, basically.

being a battle mistress favoring ranged weapons, she has been known to infuse a little bit of aether into her attacks and charge them with the bite of fire. as a former archer, she's sent volleys of flaming arrows, and does much the same with her chakrams. when getting in close combat, she likes to heat her blades just enough to cause great discomfort or pain in her blows.

secondary skills.

  • basic conjury. cherry's skill in conjury is about a 4 out of 10. she has trained in it briefly after certain events in heavensward, but did not go on to pursue white magic. she can perform basic first-aid spot healing, especially during combat, but cannot heal major wounds.

  • blacksmithing & carpentry. cherry has basic proficiencies in both crafts. she used to forge her own knives back home, as well as build her own bows & arrows. both require careful hands of precision & keen eyes, which she certainly has, especially as a huntress & warrior.

  • botany. as a hunter for her village, cherry is well-versed in plant native to her home. she knows what's safe to eat, what's simply just a regular plant, things that may act as salves, or poisons. after years in eorzea, she's become an expert in eorzean plants as well.

it's a running gag that the only thing cherry knows how to cook are boiled eggs. she is a notoriously and comically poor cook. do not eat anything she gives you, unless you know she bought it. also, she weaponizes the eggs. good luck.

other skills.

  • triple triad. cherry is literally so bad at triple triad. you're going to beat her, she's going to get mad, throw her cards, and then challenge you to a fist fight.

  • liar. cherry is a really good liar. she is generally blunt and painfully honest about everything in her life, but if she needs to lie and make things up for the sake of a job or to get something out of someone, she will, and you'll be none the wiser.

  • sleep? cherry can fall asleep anywhere. in a tree, on rocks, anything. she is a light sleeper, however, and will wake in an instant due to always being on guard.

  • liquor specialist. she just knows her liquors and can fix a mean drink. she has a high-tolerance and can out drink everyone who's ever tried to best her.

cherry has plenty of other little talents and skills. curious about anything in particular? please feel free to ask! i could talk about her all day long. she is my darling and i have endless facts about her.


  • quick on her feet, extremely agile.

  • quick-witted, both on & off the battlefield.

  • excellent strategist.

  • sharp vision, highly perceptive.

cherry is one of the most battle-built people upon the realm. she is highly perceptive to her surroundings with excellent senses, whether it's hearing, sight, smell, or sensing motion. she's a skilled strategist, and if working with others, she'll try to follow strategy, but she usually does her own thing, as long as it's not at the expense of others. she is also highly skilled at reading people and their emotions, faces, and body language.


  • extremely impulsive, extremely reckless.

  • does not think before speaking or acting.

  • often tactless without thought to others.

  • overly arrogant at times, to her own detriment.

cherry is someone who is guided by her emotions and impulsivity. she enjoys the thrills far too much, and will often dive headfirst into situations without so much as a second thought. although she can quickly think on her feet, she doesn't think beforehand, and takes unnecessary risks. part of it stems from her arrogance and confidence in her own ability (which she is extremely capable, though).

social skills★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆


you just had to know all about the world, but you will never know, ' cause no one ever told you how . . .

the world is on fire

& we are tied as one, eternally.

a funeral pyre, & we are here to revel forevermore.

lore : origin.

our tragic heroine's story begins in the forests of othard, as eldest of three children. both her father and mother were practiced and seasoned hunters and gatherers, and they worked together seamlessly, flawlessly, to hunt the prey that stalked the woods, perhaps even those who may have terrorized the woods, and gathered bounties of wild fruits, vegetables, and fungi.from a young age, cherry was endlessly curious and inquisitive, asking dozens of questions from morning until dawn. as long as it was safe, she accompanied her mother on hunts, but for the most part, she kept at bay and stayed by their sides for their gathering trips instead. her siblings were a pair of twins, and they were three years younger than she. from the moment she had known her mother was expecting, cherry had loved them, always at her mother’s side, hand pressed to her belly once she had grown and grown to feel her siblings kick, which delighted cherry to no end. as soon as they were born, and as they grew, she was sweet, patient, ever so doting upon them, ever so loving, though equally as mischievous as any older sibling should have been. she was fiercely protective, a trait that persisted into her older age, even as her siblings became proper hunters and gathers as well.cherry, growing up, was quite the studious child with an aching need to learn and endless curiosity for the world around her, which led to her becoming a talented, attentive, almost prodigious hunter. her aim with a spear was impeccable, for her eyes were well - trained, and, of course, as a viera, her hearing was excellent. she wasn’t a poor fisher, either, although she lacked the patience for it to continue on for long enough. when it came to fishing, there certainly was more to wish for, in terms of her skill. still, it was something she had fun doing, especially when she was with her siblings. quite often, someone was shoved into the running streams, to their dismay and to cherry’s amusement.

for as long as anyone had known, cherry had been beautiful. she was always an adorable child, and she was an ever blossoming flower, growing more beautiful with each day that passed. she was someone to be envied, for her talent in hunting, for her strength, for her kindness, and for her the years passed, the stability of life surrounding othard faltered. the era of peace was no more. war plagued their lands, battles growing closer and closer to their homelands by the day, until one day, it was upon them (click for lore short story).following the loss of her family and destruction of her village, cherry fled from the only place she has ever known or called home. she rid herself of the blood and ash upon her hands, of the name she's carried for all her life, and tried to become born anew in the only way she knew how. it did naught to drown the memories that came to haunt her each night, or even during the silent spells of rising dawns the the gentle breezes that made sweetened, but painfully false, promises of peace.she eventually flees to yanxia, and begins to slowly, but with decided confidence and conviction, pick up the pieces. a part of her swore revenge upon the garleans who tore her life asunder, though whether it was to accept the imperial rule under the guise of submission in order to rise through their ranks to destroy them from within, or become a part of something greater on the opposition, she doesn't yet matter, cherry begins her training in the eastern seas to become one of the fiercest warriors ever to grace this star.

lore : a realm reborn.

cherry spent quite some time in yanxia, and kugane specifically, and while there, encountered much trouble with the sekiseigumi on countless occasions. from being caught trying to stowaway onto ships without proper papers or credentials to publicly causing scenes and picking fights with the sekiseigumi themselves, she has been nothing short of a menacing handful, and was certainly a few more incidents short of being placed on a wanted poster with a bounty.given that she is a refugee from her own home and has abruptly taken a new name, as most viera do upon leaving their villages behind, her only qualms is leaving a paper trail behind to put name to face in the event garleans do come looking for her.eventually, cherry does finally manage to bribe a ship captain after taking enough odd jobs and mercenary hunts in yanxia to set sail to eorzean shores. she doesn't know if life beyond the seas would fare better at all, but it's the farthest she can get from the remnants of bitter ashes and acrid memories of the soil she still treads. though thousands of malms apart, othard as a whole is a painful reminder of the life she lost, of the life she would never get back.after the loss of her family and destruction of her home and its claim underneath garlean conquests, cherry changes dramatically as a person. she has always been somewhat harsh, blunt, and incredibly sarcastic, but everything is now cut with a bitter edge, sharper with a poisonous sting.

she is guarded, flinching at any attempt at touch, going on the defensive at every movement towards her. she is always on edge, ready to leap into action and fight far before she is ready to flee. one wrong look at her, and she may just pick a fight herself. there is a well of rage churning within her heart, and she lashes out in seeking out brawls with anyone willing, or stupid enough to taunt her.people have tended to underestimate her, thinking she is simply a pretty face, and far too quiet sitting in the corner of a tavern. there is much fight in her, and she is quick, reactive. cherry spends much of her time in thanalan until she ventures to la noscea, then the's difficult, at first. as different as it is from home, something about it still casts a familiar feeling, with how the trees tower above the lands and how flush the environment is with foliage and creatures that dwell within them. gridania is not as welcoming to her, however, as ul'dah and limsa lominsa had been. its people are prideful, and she feels a stiffness about them. regardless, she pushes to join the archer's guild to offer her service, seeing as she is a skilled the moons passed, she grows more comfortable in the new life she's created for herself. cherry is constantly moving, constantly accepting job after job, because if she allows herself even a moment of reprieve, every memory she's been running from will come to claim her into their endless abyss. and so, she trudges onward, steadfast, jaded and cold.eventually, the scions discover her possession of the echo. she refuses to aid them at first, but after running into them on several overlapping jobs, she becomes a begrudging ally.

all of your imaginations, are now running down your face.

lore : heavensward.

the conflict within eorzea has, unfortunately, decided to affect cherry, too, due to her new association with the scions of the seventh dawn. she's begrudgingly become part of their organization at this point, and heeds their call and joins them on each mission as assigned. in between her own jobs, however, she's spent time traveling the world, even returning to yanxia, and journeys to thavnair. thavnair isn't quite home, but it's where her father often remained. there, she learns the art of dance, and picks this up easily due to it already being similar to her own fighting style without a bow and arrow, though her marksman ability certainly helps.but, when the scions call, she runs back to where home is now: eorzea. her initial refusal to join them stems from how comfortable she has grown being alone, especially after losing everything she held dear. she grew accustomed to it, but upon seeing the laughter and smiles upon their faces, even in spite of the hardship that trailed after their feet, touched something in her heart. her own silence wasn't quite silence, either. she could never relaxed, always had to fill that silence with something, to busy her hands and busy her mind, lest she fall victim to the endless turmoil plaguing her mind and what abyss it threatens to send her into.there is always chatter, some level of noise, amongst the scions, and it remains like buzzing in the background of her mind that keeps her afloat. still, she kept her distance from them, continuing to refuse to engage with them more than was necessary for the missions. she feared getting close to anyone, feared the chance of learning to care for more people in the event that she would eventually lose them. she could not endure that anguish again,

and so, when she met haurchefant greystone, cherry knew that she was absolutely fucked. typically, cherry would have hated someone like him. well, perhaps hate isn't the correct word, but he's someone who she would stop at nothing to keep at arms length, because his kindness is infectious. he is warmth embodied into a living being , and extended a kindness she'd never experienced before, welcoming her and the scions into his home where she's seen nothing but trepidation, fear, and an undue caution that served no one.were his energy any higher than it was, she wouldn't have been able to stand him, but perhaps he could read people as well as she could, too, for somehow, he always knew what to say to her, knew what to say to soothe the wars raging within her mind. haurchefant taught cherry how to begin opening up to others, and it is in this arc that she comes to fully accept the scions for who, and what, they are.she does not grow softer by any means, no, but she learns to laugh with them, and learns to find comfort in their companionship. she learns that fighting to protect them is as important as the oath she swore upon herself when she left her homeland: cherry had sworn to grow strong, strong enough to never allow herself to fall into a position where she is not capable of defending herself and those around her. she cannot bring her family, nor the others, back, but perhaps she can one day get her revenge, or prevent similar massacres from falling upon other unsuspecting innocents ever again.still, she does not express this openly, nor does she express her concerns or care openly. so when haurchefant dies, she is reminded yet again of that same pain she felt when she lost her family. she feels that same helplessness, that same anger and rage and hurt. after this, cherry returns to gridania and attempts to learn conjury, but does not pursue it further, only learning the basics.

lore : stormblood.

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now we have to pretend we didn't see what we saw.

lore : shadowbringers.

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lore : endwalker.

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all of your imaginations, are now running down your face.

lore : dawntrail & present.

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oh, you are looking good

bareback in disgrace, & you are doing fine worshiping your lord, standing in his grace.

non-wol AU. instead of turning tail and running from the skatay range, cherry becomes a viceroy in the imperial garlean empire. have you caught her in the midst of traitorous acts? she'll shush you to not rat her out, especially if she's on your side. are you an enemy? she'll cut your throat for your silence. she still has the echo. this can also segue into being a wol-verse, but crafted so that it doesn't have to.hook two. cherry is always traveling. your character could run into her literally anywhere. in a busy market street, a tavern or bar, or in the middle of battle, etc! anything is on the table, basically.hook three. cherry has an enormous sweet tooth, and just enjoys food in general. run into her at a food stall or restaurant, or offer to buy her something for her battle services.hook four. write out the premise of your hook / plot here! you can make it as long or as short as you need it to be! be vague, be detailed! whatever you want!hook five. it's easy enough to ask the warrior of light for a favor. task her, and she will oblige.hook six. do you recognize her as the warrior of light / scion / garlean viceroy? are you a fan? an enemy?

hook seven. cherry is a dancer, in game (this isn't canon to her story, however). she currently works at Playboy Mansion, and is the former head dancer manager of Prophet Lounge, and former manager of Underworld, and previously worked at the Velvet Lounge. do you recognize her? do you want to be her friend? ask her to join for drinks, or an adventure!hook eight. are you a wanted criminal? perhaps she's chasing your bounty.hook nine. she loves to spar and fight. hell, she'll pick a fight in a tavern if someone angers her, such as if she catches someone harassing another patron, or if they start harassing her. pick a fight with her, or compliment how she handles the situation and her strength.hook ten. she'll often frequent any tavern or bar, either quietly minding her business and resting after a long day, or perhaps she's loud and drunk. either way, approach her. you could recognize her as the warrior of light, dancer, depends on the au! or simply just . . . hit on her. no promises it'll end favorably.hook eleven. basically, anything is possible. if you want to plot an interaction, just send me a /tell.hook twelve. some plots are verse / alternate universe dependent. just shoot me a /tell with whatever you're interested in and we can plot about it!

scion & mercenary (main in-game verse). following the events of her horrific past and its tragedy, cherry fled from her home, giving up everything she had once known in an attempt to escape the pain of her past and to make herself anew, and she did not look back for one second.cherry is skilled with a lance and bow and arrow, but chooses simply to arm herself with the bow and arrow in order to travel light. however, she keeps with a dagger and her aim is true, and her strengths free from hesitation in the thrusts of her dagger. she reinvents herself as something of a rogue mercenary for hire, of sorts, but her goal is aligned with one thing in mind: getting revenge against the garlean empire for the crimes they committed against her, her family, and everyone else who had once called her village the aftermath of the trauma, cherry comes to find that she is plagued by splitting headaches and visions of the past, but she passes it off as odd nightmares coming to haunt her. she doesn't know what it is, until years down the line, she is met with the scions of the seventh dawn. upon finding out that she is also blessed with the gift of the echo, they attempt to convince her to join their ranks, but cherry is a lone wolf with no intention or desire of joining anyone's organization.she keeps to herself for sometime, and stumbles upon the scions on a few occasions during her odd jobs that have led them all to converge on a singular path. cherry begrudgingly works with them to accomplish the selfsame goals, but she doesn't yet consider them to be allies, nor does she consider herself to be amongst their ilk.cherry ends up in their midst more often than she would have liked, but she has come to appreciate their aid, but her own goals haven't changed. she doesn't wish to embark on a war that shouldn't be her own, being so consumed by her own lust for vengeance. she cannot see past this narrow tunnel of vision, but she sees the plight of the world and all it's coming down to. she will not officially join their order nor linger amongst them for long, but cherry does eventually come around to accepting their aid and offering her own, as long as she's in the area.

warrior of light (canon verse, but not the in-game default). throughout the trials she endures in the story of eorzea and its plight, cherry becomes the warrior of light, hydaelyn's chosen, the champion of eorzea, and famed eikon slayer.her beginnings were humble. coming from the shores of othard and then to gridania, she begins as an archer at the archer's guild, and it quickly becomes clear that gridania has come to claim a talented warrior. the time comes for her fateful meeting with the scions of the seventh dawn, and they discover her to possess the echo, something she came to possess during the traumatic events years prior in her village. cherry didn't know what this ability was, or if she had simply lost her mind, but she will soon come to find that it may yet provide her aid, although come time for shadowbringers, she begins to doubt the source of this blessing.she enjoys being tasked as a warrior of light and all of the quests and missions that come with it, because she does enjoy being helpful and helping others, because that’s why she set out to be an adventurer. she wanted to become someone stronger to make up for the weaknesses of her past where she felt as if she wasn’t able to do enough, so now she wants to make a crass as cherry can be, her heart is wholly in the right place and she does what she does out of her love for the world and the preservation of its people.

garlean viceroy. instead of turning tail and running from the skatay range, cherry joins ranks within the imperial garlean empire with a plan to take them out from the inside. she rises to the ranks of a censor and acts as a viceroy in the Xth Imperial Legion, and whenever the empire turns a blind eye, cherry does what she can to undermine the empire and its efforts.she begins modestly, at first. like many other commoners of non-garlean roots, she was given the option to join their army and fight for garlemald. it's not something she accepts wholeheartedly or enthusiastically, but she didn't deny it immediately so as to not garner suspicion as to her true intentions. she is still possessed of the blessing of the echo, something that the empire is well aware of and acted as an incentive for them to attempt to use to their advantage.she keeps her original forest name, but forsakes her village name to preserve its sanctity and reputation so as to not tarnish it. she takes on a name of garlean makings, and throughout the years, she rises through the ranks of the army, not without sacrifices, but not without doing things while out of the eyes of scrutiny in order to wound the empire.she has killed countless garlean soldiers, mostly those who feed into the vision of the empire blindly and express blind garlean patriotism and nationalism. when given the opportunity, she has killed important ranking officers. she has destroyed supplies and rations, in varying degree, as long as she knows that she can get away with it, in order to put setbacks into the empire's plans and movements. sometimes she hits, sometimes she misses, but it is not without trying.she is the acting viceroy over the skatay range and stays close to home, though it pains her each and everyday. being faced with travesty fills her with bitterness and has made her cruel and cold, but not to the innocent, and not to those kind-hearted. those are the people she tries to save.eventually down the line, cherry may be caught amongst the scions of the seventh dawn, or any of their allies, and tries to prove that she is not their enemy, and that she has been behind undermining the empire and that she had joined its ranks as a plot for revenge. she may continue to work within its ranks as a double agent, or at some point, she will finally defect and take with her some of the empire's greatest and darkest secrets, as well as detailed plans of their fortresses and their layouts, schematics, etc.

'cause no one ever told you how

the world is on fire, & you are here to stay & burn with me.

mihalis vasciades.

nemesis who's kinda really hot.

  summary.     cherry doesn't remember when she decided she hated mihalis's guts, but it happened, and decided that from then on, she lived to spite him and torture his existence. in reality, this means she's quite fond of him, because if she really hated him, she would pretend he didn't exist. like, at all. he's pretty. she's mad about it.

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